What AI Research has to Tackle

Artificial intelligence is ever-present. While most people think of advanced robots, artificial intelligence exists in the form of things like self-driving cars and SIRI. Most people use it daily without realizing it. Science fiction often portrays it as a human-looking figure that contains the same characteristics and emotions of humans but in reality AI embodies things like autonomous weapons used in militaries around the world, even the search algorithms used by Google. 

Today, AI is being refined for use in things like internet searches, facial recognition, and driving cars. Long term though, there are goals for AI to outperform humans at specific cognitive tasks too, like being able to solve complex equations faster or play chess more effectively. 

Less invasive forms of AI, specifically things like Siri have become widely popular as a tool to help people in many situations. Accessing voice controlled systems like these give you the opportunity to ask questions on a whim, get directions, look up instructions, even ask for life-saving advice when you are in the middle of a project. It also helps people who might not have the time or the dexterity to regularly type questions into a mobile device and who can instead use voice activation to look things up on their phone, find documents are folders on the phone itself, and anything in between. The usefulness is clear.

AI Safety and Research

As is the case with all scientific pursuits, AI has to be researched for its safety. The AI research developed needs to be beneficial for society, to help in areas like economics, security, verification, even law. Short term research revolves around the safety of all AI applications, including the ability of the AI system to do what you want when controlling your car, when using auto-pilot on a plane, when working a power grid, and more. 


There are short term challenges to AI and long term challenges.

  • The long term challenges focus on making sure AI can provide new technologies,
  • work with humans to eradicate poverty,
  • tackle disease, 
  • stop war

Such technologies have to remain closely aligned with social goals in order to avoid any danger or unintended harm. With proper research, we can better prepare for what social systems could benefit from the integration of AI and what potential consequences might exist, and how we can avoid them. 

While concerns are expressed regularly about AI becoming too smart for its own good and overtaking humans, realistically, the use of AI is growing rapidly, but still incrementally. The AI we are evolving works in our favor in ways that help civilization to flourish. The proper safety, research, and management of such technology can occur in tandem with scientific developments without large risks.

Conferences on AI progress, challenges, and safety are taking place around the world, in notable cities like London. Such events offer local and regional access to information on the latest advances, what things are on the table scientifically and can be expected in the future too. It Is by way of better education that we can truly come to appreciate the advancements we are making with AI technology, what things we can expect in the future beyond just improvements to self driving cars or voice-activated tools on our phones. Understanding all of these elements also helps to mitigate the fears people have and to better understand how we can tackle upcoming challenges with that our safety and research.

Artificial Intelligenceimage credit: Mike MacKenzie

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