Welcome to the Future – The Power of AI

Welcome to the future -the future where Artificial Intelligence will determine what course the world takes. It’s definitely not going to be an easy one, but for all it’s worth, we humans will rely on artificial intelligence. Of course, there are many dangers to anticipate. AI can indeed rise up and wipe us out. A super intellect can emerge, build autonomous units and then decide that humans are just meat bags that serve no purpose.

This has been reiterated by some of the smartest minds on Earth, so it’s not entirely as if Luddites have been warning about the end of times. No, AI can definitely hurt us, but today we will focus on the upsides.

AI Can Help Us Treat Disease

One of the obvious ways to use artificial intelligence is to fight off disease. It’s been proven that AI can already diagnose diseases with just as much accuracy as a human doctor would. This doesn’t mean oncologists would lose their jobs. It means that patients will have a better fighting chance.

If machines can run our blood and calculate the possibilities, we would know exactly when a disease is likely to develop and thus be able to fight it off as early as possible.  And no, oncologists or radiologists won’t lose their jobs, for example, because they are still an important part of the treatment of people.

Welcome to the Future

An oncologist needs not only to prescribe medication but also get the person over the long and sinuous road of the treatment. Many people choose to skip chemotherapy and give in. A good oncologist is a person to actually help out and help the patients find the strength to continue.

Predict Climate Change

One of the biggest issues that we are facing is climate change, but the good news is that AI can also help us go through that as well. With this being said, AI can be used to predict weather patterns and help humanity deal with the inherent challenges that stem out of dealing with the hot and cold weather in places that such weather isn’t expected to manifest itself.

Lack of water is going to affect a lot of origins, for example – because of the cold weather. And this should worry everyone. That’s why AI can come in handy to help us.

AI Can Power Robots to Help Us with Menial Tasks

True, the AI disruption is scary. After all, a lot of people rely on repetitive work, but the good news is that this needn’t be the case. The fact that a lot of robots could do a lot of the work out there simply means that everyone will be able to qualify themselves into something that is needed.

And besides, AI isn’t going to wash over the world and just uproot all workers out there. I mean, have you seen those delivery robots that are still struggling to even cross a zebra? It’s no small task emulating human activities.

Besides, you would probably look up a great human locksmith before trusting a machine to re-fit your locks. You can look up a cheap locksmith and have an expert fixing the front door for you. Sorry machines, you might need to wait another decade before you take over.

Besides, technology is going to get more complex and as man sets out to travel throughout the stars – which will happen in the next decade or two – we are all going to need to pick new skills. No, AI is going to completely replace humans.

Star Trek is of course not foreseeable and we are still struggling to even entertain the idea of traveling throughout space. After all, who wants to spend years on end to reach the end of the galaxy. The good news is that advancements are being made.

Just take Tesla for example. Elon Musk wants to create a rocket that can send a human around the planet in a specially designed rocket that will take less than one hour. Commutes may become something completely different.

And of course, AI will have it say in orbital and space travel, as we would be highly-dependent on the calculations of an AI to make sure that everything is in order.

What about the doomsayers? They most certainly have a point. It’s definitely not a palatable idea to imagine the world being torn apart by machines and humanity destroyed. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and Elon Musk are just a few of the visionaries to warn of the dangers of overindulging in AI.

Are there grounds to be worried, though?

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