6 Secrets To Organize A Great Event With Little Budget

So, someone appointed you to organize an annual event at your company. This year you have to play your part from the possibly hardest point of view… that is “the organizer”.

If you feel a little overwhelmed by such a responsibility, just know that it’s perfectly normal – you are actually going to play a very important role in the event’s organization.  What’s more, everyone is already expecting great things from you.

Get Rid Of Frustration! Your Company Calls on You!

Your colleagues, boss and everyone else are waiting to take part at a smart, funny and amazing annual event like never before. And yeah, you feel like you are being pressed by a ton of stones at the moment.

Although you may think it’s too hard or time consuming, there’s nothing that you can do to help yourself. They decided that you have to organize the company event.  All you can do is to make them happy. You can do it if you follow our special secrets.

No matter how hard it might look, you’ll surely get to arrange the best annual event that ever existed in your company’s history. Just believe in your skills (because you have so many) and you’re half way there!

Here’s What Can Support Your Determination

Here we are, you are going to learn how you can effectively organize a company event with little money or even zero budget. Many people think that they have to spend much money to make their event successful The truth is that it is not really about the amount of money that you can afford to spend, but it’s more about the quality of your entire organization.

Let’s simplify this important concept with the following points:checklist

  1. Decide what you want.

    It’s fundamental that you decide about the style and goal of the event that you are charged to set up. Come up with an idea which fits the purpose of the event and try to develop your idea choosing the right style. For example, does your boss want an elegant and classic-styled party? Or is it better to make the party look a little more modern and casual?

  2. Who will be invited to the party?

    The previous point is strictly connected to another aspect, that is, the audience. Who is going to be invited to the company event? Is it an employees only event or will business partners be there, too? Obviously, your boss will give you precise guidelines about this aspect.

  3. Take paper and pen and create the agenda.

    As a party organizator, you will have to create the entire agenda of the day. Include all the activities that you are going to offer to your guests, making sure to calculate times in a precise way. For example, if you want to meet at your company first and then move to the party venue, make sure that you have enough time to reach the destination from the company location.

  4. Find the right venue.
    venue for events
    Not all venues are the same. Take some time to make a comparison between  different venues. Compare prices, services, size and number of available halls that you can use for the event, availability of car parking, green areas and outdoors, and more. Certain venues offer a lower price if you book during the week, while the price tends to increase if you book for the weekend.

  5. Foods and drinks.

    Keep in mind that not everyone has the same tastes. There are people who are vegan and other who need gluten-free foods. So, try to include a variety of foods to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. The same goes for drinks. Start with a series of toasts and appetizers that are different in style and ingredients, so all your guests will find their favorite flavors.

  6. Look for sponsors.

    Now, we said above that you won’t spend that much money for this event’s organization. Look for sponsors who can support your event, so you can use the sponsors’ money to pay for the venue, the catering services and more. Business partners may represent a good source for sponsors, but also local businesses that need more visibility may be seriously interested in showing up with their brand names at your company event. Each sponsor translates into money to use for the entire organization.

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