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September 28th 2017, London

AI has the ability to free up marketers so they can spend more time tackling bigger picture responsibilities like finding the inspiration for the right idea and tone to make a real connection. Visions of a completely automated campaign are a little hasty! But, it is time to take advantage of the repetitive learning it can offer. Knowledge is power so act fast and come along and find out what you can be doing to keep ahead of the pack.



February 2018 – London

Spend a day with industry professionals and peers who can help you with your specific email campaigns, address the challenges of automation, content, measurement, mobile marketing and more. You’ll get to hear real examples and top tips to use in your day to day work and new challenges which will help you to deliver stand-out marketing and increased business success.



October 2017, London

It is not a fad but if you are NOT a giant corporation with a giant budget, you may be thinking it is a no go area for now. Don’t. Find out how will it transform marketing and take customer experiences to a new level. Hear real case studies and get the ammunition you need to get cracking.